School Time

As we embark on a new school year , excitement is in the air. I’m still wondering why kids get so excited about new glue and crayons but I guess if crayons make you happy I can go with it. But this year is one of those exceptional years , I have a senior . I know I’ve bored yall with the fact that he is graduating but you have to realize he was just born the other March , there is no way that he is ready to graduate. I digress.

This year is also the beginning of a school year with Daddy away in school. I thought about all of this when he decided to dedicate his life to the United States Air Force. I know I’ve said it over and over again but just in case this is your first time reading any of my blogs , Anthony (husband) has been away from us serving in Air Force since April . That’s 5 months that he’s been away from the family and 5 months that I have been on my own , well I do have a wonderful support system . He will be home at the end of the year and we are pretty excited about the new phase in his career upon his return .

It is my prayer that this school year be one the most successful school years of all time . My prayer is that all of the school assignments that are sent home are miraculously done on time and with little effort. I pray that the basketball season will be the best of all time . I pray that Pk and Cuppie have the best adventures in Elementary ( subscribe to their Vlog Parkah and Cuppie Show on youtube) . I pray that Pier takes a break from liking girls and that Peyton enjoys Math. I pray that Portland learns to be good . I pray that tennis shoes last longer than a month, socks stay together , uniforms don’t shrink, that hair stays in place and that no one , no one leaves anything at home that must be at school right away .  I pray that tires stay inflated, police stay in their place, fights stay an after thought. Germs stay where they came from and viruses return to where they were invented.  I pray that lunch stretches and breakfast too.  I pray against the spirit of detention and demerits, lost homework and the ghost that steals pencils and pens. Speaking of that …I’m blogging but I clearly forgot to buy one of kids any school supplies.  Yeah, I gotta go …

Anyway I’m praying for you as well.


Loving Life


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