A House…Manager

In my entire life I have not heard so many women complain or talk about tackling their housework as a struggle. How do you struggle to keep your own place together? And for a while I thought that people were just kidding and then I was invited to their houses and realized so this is an issue . And we all know that issues turn into problems. So what’s the deal , has social events and wasting time caused us to miss our opportunity to successfully manage our homes.  Or have mother’s dropped the ball in successfully teaching us how to manage a home . Was life too rapid to realize that this is a necessity for living .

Growing up , not only did my mother teach me how to be a good person, how to keep myself clean but she also taught me how to clean , wash clothes and the normal order of how to keep a house when you’re married and have kids. I’m as old as I am and I’ve been married 7 years and she’s still giving me advice and wisdom so that life won’t do me before I do it.  Life has a way of getting away from you and you have keep things in order or before you know it you’ll be overwhelmed. My mother ministered about this several years ago and since she doesn’t blog this blog is from her to you . Enjoy.

There are a few things  that people must do everyday and there are some things you do every week and then there are things you do once a month. So I have compounded a list that we all need to do in order to stay on top of life. This is called successful living . Here we go ..

  1. Make up your beds- daily
  2. sweep the floors and vacuum -daily ( especially if you have pets)
  3. clean bathroom-daily
  4. wash clothes and fold- daily
  5. dishes washed and kitchen clean after every meal/daily
  6. mop/ weekly
  7. dust/ every other day
  8. Put clothes up/daily
  9. clean children’s rooms/ daily
  10. Take trash out / as needed
  11. Sweep the front porch/ twice a week (especially in the fall)
  12. Throw away happy meal toys and broken toys//daily – otherwise your house will look like a daycare
  13. mail/ once a week and go paperless
  14. garage /weekly
  15. closets/monthly most clothes are disposable especially the inexpensive boutique clothing


If you practice these 15 steps you will be a happier person will a more organized life. Tonight Ill post about routines.


Loving managing


and life



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