School is Starting …soon


So far I have gone through 12 school years of school with my babies. And this is the year that my first little friend graduates from High School. To a lot of people this is a big deal and it means adulthood and moving on to a new phase . Child please I was just at this point around a few years ago and in no way was I prepared for what was about to happen in the next 4-5 years. Now I’m sitting in a corner trying to brace myself for May 2018.

Girls are very different , when I was in the 11th grade I knew what I wanted to be , how long it was going to take me to complete my schooling and where I wanted to go to school. Now I asked my first friend Peyton, what do you wanna be  in life , he said I want to go into sports medicine. Now I’m not that person that is just going to go with the flow and let him decide for himself. I am a youth pastor and I see kids screw their lives up all the time and the end up in careers that don’t pay and waste all kinds of dollars on nothing . And then you ask them what they are doing in 10 years and they say well I’m going to school to be what you saw in me a long time ago.  And you look at them and think…wow you’ve wasted 10 years of your life doing something you hate. So with that said , this school year as Peyton goes through his senior year , enjoying all of his senior functions, spending our money ( my parents included) and passing all of his classes I am going to remind him that I cannot do his homework in college and the quicker he finishes college the more money he can have in his pocket.

College is a family affair just because its his senior year and bc he turns 18 doesn’t mean that they have all the answers its still up to us as parents or in my case , “best friends,” ( I will one day tell you why I say that ) lead our children in the proper directions .

Reminding Peyton that he is a natural teacher…and Loving life


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