Talk About a Diff’rent World

So I am learning new things . I am totally socially and traumatically in a different world. I have to learn different terms, I learned that the Army and the Air Force are actual rivals although they work for the greater good of our nation . Anyway that is the least of my worries right now .  I have a few other things with the military that I would like to talk about , briefly .

Let’s talk for a moment about the United States Air Force … wives. So there are unspoken rules and some very spoken and well known and rehearsed rules to being a spouse of an Airman.  They have terms called, “dependa’s .”  They make sure that even though you are well aware of your husbands rank , you aren’t ranked as nothing but his wife. And as his wife you come second , behind the United States.

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Which leads me to the fact that the United States Government doesn’t care if you have children or a wife your duty is to serve your country . I never realized why there was so much respect for the people who serve in the military until now and that’s why they salute and get paid for their time and service . And that’s why they cannot be fired from their jobs, too . It kinda reminds me of the selfless service that my parents give as Pastor’s , they’re just never get saluted or have days with free meals and stuff like V. A loans and what not.

Image result for Air Force Wife Pictures

And then there is all the terminology … Abu’s , BAH, LED’s ( I may have made that up). Learning the proper protocol on how to walk with your spouse. The difference between uniforms. How to clean uniforms and what you can and cannot do in uniform. Oh and then there is an order to spouses.  Now if your husband is 18 and an e-1- e-2 ( that’s your rank in the Army , you’re treated like a high school freshman .  Again the higher in rank you are the more you get too that includes money and perks. But again remember it’s not your rank it’s your husband’s rank you are just there to clean his ABU’s.


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