Back to What…

So I walked into one of my favorite stores and I grabbed my buggy and took my little cloth and cleaned it and out of the corner of my eye I see some school supplies. My heart sank into my shoes . My God it is July 12, mid summer and while I am happy about the few more road trips and vacations that I have for the remainder of my daylight savings time , Walmart is reminding me that I have less than one month of summer left.

Image result for deflated balloon

To me it seems like school is getting out later and starting earlier. I never remember a time before this that we started school in early August. I mean we could wait until like a week before Labor Day . And now those of us who are always late for things have to plan trips before the 4th  or around Memorial Day in order to have anytime or type of celebration before school begins again . Don’t get me wrong I love when school is in session . I love the fact that my children are in an environment to learn, to make friends and to worship . But on the other hand I love those long summer nights, hanging out outside, hair changing colors because of the Sun and the pool water . Buying food all summer that you will probably not eat in the winter or fall and the lack of clothes or shoes.  Now I’m wondering do I still have time to let the kids catch fireflies.  Oh yea and we haven’t barbecued all Summer.

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Now I’m on edge thinking about purchasing backpacks, new shoes that they will probably and most likely mistreat in the first week of school. And I guess we all need matching socks even tho its too hot for socks but we have to wear them because sandals are not a part of dress code. Did I mention uniforms and new hair bows, earrings without backs , needless gifts for teachers to suck up on the first day. Do I have batteries for my camera and enough space for all the random back to school pictures. Let’s not forget orientation, it was hot last year during orientation , maybe I should wear shorts. And it lasted half of the day …pack a sack lunch.

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Needless to say I forgot why I went into Walmart , which made me stay even longer and purchase more random things I did not need. Well for now I will just enter Walmart through the garden center to smell the flowers and avoid the folders, dividers and pencils. I guess the bigger picture is the early bird gets the worm. So those of you who already have your list of school supplies needed…hurry to Walmart before it’s too late. School starts in less than a month . Are you ready for school to start?

Life is great…Loving Life


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