You Live You Learn

I have been married to the same man for 7 years.And as simple and as easy that sentence was to construct it however was not that easy to stay married for 7 years.   Seven years of laughs,  frustrations,  fun , arguments ,adjustments and love.After 7 years you understand Tina’s song,  What’s Love Gotta Do! 

Meanwhile along this journey you realize that arguments teach you how to learn.  If you are effectively arguing that means you are effectively learning lessons . You (women)  learn which buttons to push and which ones not to push.  You can distinguish between what makes him happy and those things to do to get under his skin.  Most men aren’t set up as such. And it’s OK. 

Case and point a woman can show a man a picture a woman getting a gift from her probably boyfriend, (Somehow men forget to romance after marriage. That’s another day another blog .) Instead of him going out to buy what you like he buys exactly what’s on the picture.  For about 10 years,  7 years married and 3 dating I have told my husband that if he wants to buy flowers for me buy… Mac lipstick,  body spray,  lotions,  bracelets,  etc those are flowers to me.  And the presentation of it all is what makes it special. He’s only improving slightly. 

Now there were a few years in the beginning that I would pout and cry when I got a giant Hershey bar in a Walmart bag… Heck I still cry about it now and I’m sure you would too but I guess that’s what makes him great. So I’m gonna let him be great and gladly accept it and the sappy card that he didn’t write and move on with my life bc I have learned to adjust to my situation. If I want it… I go buy it myself.  The end!  😂

All of this leads me to the point of this blog,  learning his love language.  You see I never understood why he wanted me to eat… Hershey bars were a consistent gift and dinner dates were way too common. On our first anniversary he cooked me dinner,  I didn’t respond to his meal bc don’t you have to eat to live besides that it was his favorite meal not mine.  So good food doesn’t equal love to me but it does to him.  Somehow food is his love language and that’s one way he shows love.  

Now if I had missed that I would have taken those Hershey bars as an example of him wanting me to be fat… Instead I didn’t eat them well not all of them and just figured out that it was in fact his love language.  How screwed up would that have been if I never learned…lol. 

Learning is fundamental… 

I Probably Don’t Care

I am unfortunately a part of that group of people,  “who post everything that they do everyday in life generation. ” I don’t know how we have turned into these people but we have and it’s quite unfortunate for those people who are like me and probably don’t care. 

Here is my list of over shared things that I probably don’t care about… 

1. I probably don’t care about that dinner you cooked last night.  If you’re not sharing I probably don’t care. 

2. I probably don’t care that you’re at any party,  any restaurant,  or at any mall.  You didn’t ask me to tag along …

3. I probably don’t care about your bad morning, your late night ,we all have them.  

4. I probably don’t care that you keep saying… “Yes we are live. ” I know you are and unless you’re ridiculously funny or have something to share w the world,  Your live video is just well… Over share. 

5 . I probably don’t care about that one person you’re mad with but don’t list any names.  Post a name… Tag the person.  Otherwise you’re in make believe and I cannot be a part of that. 

6. I probably don’t care about your haters… You’re too old to be concerned. Let’s adult. 

7. I probably don’t care about anything that you cannot spell properly. 

Although we are in an over sharing generation I do absolutely love inspirational updates.  I love posts about your new house,  car,  job,  your children’s pictures are adorable,  and their accomplishments are wonderful.  Those wedding pictures and engagement pictures are wonderful and an encouragement to those who are waiting. But don’t post for 9 months about your new baby and never post a picture after you had it… You’re being petty (LoL). (BTW I never posted about being pregnant ever. )

Although I’d love to change the world with my views,  I realize I cannot and so I guess I’ll keep scrolling and keep moving. 
Loving Life