Mommy’s and Fashion

I have been thinking about this for some time. I have probably thought too much about this situation but its been on my mind for some time and I just sat down and said today is the day that I will write about it. So like to hear it here it goes…women after marriage we need to learn how to keep ourselves together. I am so tired of seeing women who let their bodies go after marriage. And some do it before they even get married I’ll get to you guys later but lets start with the ones who have had babies.

Babies can change your entire body. Once you get pregnant your body changes, you get extra hair, your breathing changes, your brain cells get smaller, your heart grows in multiple ways and lastly your stomach stretches and loses its elasticity. But the reality of it is there is still hope for your life. You don’t have to give yourself away. It is okay if you look equally as well as your children. Leave those yoga pants for the house and learn to invest in your life.

Thinking about what is more important and yes looking great is not that important but it should be important. And it should be a priority. Let’s face it , our kids are looking at us. We teaching them habits that cannot be unlearned no matter how much we try to do the opposite.

I can remember growing up with my mother. She is a hair stylist , and a Pastors wife. I cannot ever remember a time when her fashion was not on point. Excluding the unforgiven times where she only wore skirts and tube socks to work in at the salon in the 80’s . But I will give her a pass she was making money for the family and her hair was cute and she did have her faithful red lipstick on so she had purpose for her life. I always remember her going to the salon and getting her hair fixed. She wore her hair in a deep auburn, she cut it frequently. We got our nails done weekly even as a baby I had my nails manicured weekly. And on Saturday nights when we were not very wealthy she would make her a new outfit each week. She kept her shoes clean, clothes neat and fresh. I watched, I admired and even when she was at her heaviest she was conscious of her weight and made sure she would take the proper steps to getting herself reconditioned for life.

I myself had a big wake up call after I had my son Peyton. Before pregnancy I weighed a whooping 155 lbs. I wore a size 10/12 and I was only 20. I had been thick for a big part of my teen years. I participated in pageants and always seemed to be just a little thicker than my peers. Those crash diets to get me into a size 6 only worked for the pageant season and then after that I was right back to eating my bags of chips and drinking my sodas. Coke was my favorite and when you’re fat people have the nerves to try and make you fatter . I had a endless supply of cokes and snicker bars. I was getting bigger and bigger. Then one day , I said enough is enough. I had an opportunity to do something but my weight stood in the way of my new job. Not to mention the fact that I was already a Mommy at 21. So I cut my food intake by half and before the year was over I had lost 30 lbs. I was a size 4 and by the next year I wore a 2. I kept this regime up for the next 5 years even after I had my second son. I worked out during my pregnancy , gave birth and the day I walked out the hospital I as in my regular clothes. And then I turned 30.

At thirty things changed. I had to work out twice a day , I still maintained my size 4 frame. I ate right and even wrote a book on a healthy lifestyle ( Healthy wealthy, wise still available). Two years into my thirties I got married. I married a foodie who makes all and any kind of food look great. I managed to give birth 3 times in 3 years. And one day I looked at myself a size 8, large shoulders from carrying kids, a pouch in my stomach and with my favorite pair of yoga pants and that faded green tee shirt that had a massive hole in the arm and said…I have to do better.

I have girls they are looking at me and my kids are mocking my appearance. I started back caring. I pushed the plate back, slacked off on the sweet tea and the sodas. I reinvested into my life one outfit at a time . I started feeling better about myself. I felt respected my husband looked differently at me. My kids even treated me differently. Above all I treated myself differently, respecting the temple God gave me.

Life with children is an endless parade of activities and functions that we have to participate in. I find myself in and out of buildings for games often and it is very easy to eat the wrong foods, drink the wrong drinks . Its also very easy to not build your body enough to continue to do the things you need to do for your children or for your body.

Everyone is not going to be a fashionista , I get it . But we should take more pride in our daily appearance. Its okay to wear , yoga pants, its even better when you do yoga while in your pants. Its okay to wear tee shirt too, but take care of your body. Leave those scarfs at home, wear make up, comb your hair. Be the best possible person you can be.