I forgive you… 

You know over my 30 years of life I’ve had my share of run ins with individuals and because of this I’ve learned the art of genuine apology.  I feel like an expert in that area because not only have I had to apologize but I’ve had to forgive and let it go.  

First of all forgiveness comes from the heart.  You don’t necessarily have to speak to that person in order to forgive. Forgiveness is an act of your will  and it doesn’t  take God showing you the error of your ways to forgive.  After all it’s unnatural and unhealthy to hold grudges,  right. 

Make sure you are ready to forgive,  if your apology includes things that you have desired to do to a person… You are not ready to forgive. It’s quite uncomfortable to hear that you have had thoughts of choke slamming me in your apology.  As a matter of fact you just made me think bad thoughts of you, I’ve stopped listening and we are in a worse place because now I have to ask for forgiveness for my bad thoughts. 

Don’t text,  email or inbox an apology. You can actually be in a sincere place but someone can misread your sincerity for sarcasm. I mean have we lost the art of talking. And I can pretend I never got it… Maybe I didn’t.

Getting things right is not the same as forgiveness. I want you to understand that one day you just don’t wake up OK especially when you’ve allowed … Let’s say 6 years go by mad.  And even if a suddenly happens it’s a process to get things together and in the proper spirit to exert the right energy to effectively apologize. So when you said you’ve been praying and what not and God told you to forgive. He told you to forgive… Wait on him to work on you to apologize. 

If you became mad at someone without their knowledge… You cannot say I forgive you.  You say let me apologize for being mad at you.  Saying you forgive them is saying that they dilerbrately done you wrong and they probably needed to apologize to you.  Two different things let’s get it right. 

Enjoy your day 



The Mommy Mafia

I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret…somewhere in a school near you there is an organized Mommy Mafia. I know some of you guys do not believe me but you have seen and you’re just in denial. 

My first experience with the Mommy Mafia happened when my sons were both in lower elementary school. I noticed a few ladies in school who were more than over achievers. They were sort of robot like in form. These Mom’s had a different language that often used the words, our, we, and mine. They drove Honda Mini vans,only the grey ones. God forbid if you owned a black van, I mean you may as well own an expensive Suv, like Sandra Jones, who’s husband only bought her that truck because he’s sleeping with the Nanny.

Sandra was excommunicated from the Mafia because she introduced yoga into her life  as an exercise and miraculously she managed to lose all of her baby fat and did I mention she had a tummy tuck . Tummy tucks are out lawed in the Mafia bc you actually need a reason to wear yoga pants and we all know  yoga pants are a staple of their woredrobe introduced to control that muffin top they developed after successfully having 4 perfect children.
Let’s talk for a moment about these precious children who have no clue they are a part of this Mafia. These kids with two names that are succesfully monogrammed on every item they own. They are a part of every club, over every class project and the invitor (if thats a word) to every party thrown.

Did I tell you that during the summer Stone Jack thought of this years homecoming theme and came up with his own design for the tee shirts. I also forgot to mention that Stone Jack’s Dad is a designer and you guessed his company is making all the shirts. Thanks SJ! 

We all secretly want to be in the Mafia but we aren’t organized and sometimes I refer to my child as Boo and not sweet baby or precious one. Just Boo and its not a term of endearment.

Other reason why they won’t have us, we don’t sign up for anything.We throw box tops away, we forget about fundraisers, we don’t look at all the notes. The PTF ( we fellowship bc we are Christian )is too early in the morning . The carpool line is too long, I get there just before they will charge me for an extra hour. The events at night interfer with my favorite television program and yea I only look at pinterest for house designs and not for the perfect party treat, Walmart can do it for me . 

I applaude the Mommy Mafia because we need you. Without you there would be me and ain’t nobody got time for that. 

Life Lessons for a Kindergartner…

So my baby girl is 5 and off to her first year in school. She has been home with me from birth and this will be a new adventure for her, me and her Dad. She’s not my first child to go to Kindergarten I have two older boys who are 16 and 12, they started school at 3 so it wasn’t much of a difference when they went to kindergarten.  They’re boys so I wasn’t as worried about them.  Afterall they could fight for themselves, they were in a smaller school, in the same building and yeah, they are boys. 

Pk, our family’s first girl . The baby who daydreams and sings all day. This little sensitive being that  I have protected and sheltered from life for 5 short years is currently off to school and inwardly I’m worried, a little.😢

As I registered her for school I looked at her and said…I have to teach her some things before she goes to school . But not the general things, like keep family business at home …but the major things like…being fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God. Everyone won’t like you.Its okay that you are who you are. Be Proud of yourself. Never think someone or something is better than you are. It’s okay to be black. Your black is beautiful, and we have a beautiful culture.Always speak up , always have  your own opinions.Your personality is what makes you who you are. AND…no you can’t have any Mac or mary kay I don’t care if MomMom says you can.😄

In all my pouring and teaching her I forgot to tell her the most important thing , just have fun, make friends ,enjoy your teacher, lunch and recess are the best, snacktime is even more fun. Getting dirty is a part of school and those monkey bars rock! She doesn’t understand a lot of the other things  anyway, who am I kidding!  😆

You ever go through life so uptight  and stiff that you just forget to enjoy the moment.You’re so worried about the forcasted storm that you forget about the hours of Sunlight you’ve been afforded . I know I’ve been guiilty of this. Sometimes we just have to take sometime to breathe and enjoy life.

Take this lesson for a kindergartner and enjoy every chapter or page of your life. There is no fun sweating over big things when you can enjoy your small miracles…life, health and strength!