I’m Natural…

For the last few years there has been a movement back to the natural hair we were all born with. I’m not knocking its health benefits, that is ,if you are totally natural. Only washing your hair with all natural products, using just the blow dryer or irons straighten your hair and letting your natural oils keep your hair nourished. And you have realized that most of those natural products you are buying are not filled with artificial colors and weird hormones, eyeballs, or embalming fluids. You know, like really researching stuff instead of making me think you are an idiot when you tell me you are natural , yet your natural hair stays straight for weeks without heat. You are not allowing your natural waves or curl pattern just happen ( most of us have a curl pattern, yet it may be extra tight or very lose) you still use gels, lotions, and enough coconut oil/ shea butter to supply a small nation . And then I’ll still say , you aren’t natural because some type of synthetic chemical is attached to your hair…( smile).

I digress because this is not at all what I wanna reflect on, I wanna talk about those tiny afro’s. You know the one’s I’m talking about, that are like in the middle of being a fade and a fro? The one’s you have that month after the big chop. The one’s you cannot not do nothing with , but let happen. And to make yourself think its a wonderful experience you dye the tips of it with a color and put a flower in? The one’s that you wear that headband on, that looks like maybe there isn’t a headband there, instead it may be an imprint from your scarf from the night before? Yep, you know exactly what I am talking about . Well…those are ugly. And your kids will grow up and hate you for this later in life…so get ready to pay the bill for her counseling.

Remember back in the early 80’s when everybody had a jherri curl? And everyone who had really , really short hair suddenly had long locks because of the synthetic chemicals of the jherri curl it suddenly grew your hair out. Pretty soon Mama’s who struggled to grow their little girls hair out, started putting curls in their hair and the girls hair finally grew. But the affects of it all was, the mess it made on your clothes, the backs of couches, your car seats, some girls developed faster, and matured far beyond their years because of some of the chemicals that were attached to these chemicals. And then there was humidity, and dry winds and what not that resulted in a puff. But everybody wanted a curl , even after Coming to America, when they made fun of the curls with Soul Glo, sales went up as they made that tight jheri curl loose with the wave nuvo. And because of the cost of the product and the damage to sheets, pillow cases, couches and the such people eventually made the transition to the perm.

This is the same thing we are going through now, people are not making a transition to being natural because its benefiting to their body, because if you think about it , if natural was the best way, so many people would not be soaking their foods up with salt, pork, and grease, artificial flavors, colors, glutton, wheat etc. We would not over eat. We would exercise, being conscious of what we put in our body. We would get enough sleep, drink more water, go to bed early, learn how to read more than just facebook/twitter status updates and really help with the environment. We wouldn’t pollute, we would drive fuel free cars, or ride bikes, we would use our own bags for grocery shopping, herbs for sicknesses, grow our own vegetables, wear all natural make up, recycle, and give back to our community with physical labor. Nope, that’s not us. We are just natural because it is popular.

Truth be told the reality of being natural came from this one lady, who had a bad weave for many months. She had went to her cousin for a quick hair do, her cousin who was not a profession, braided her hair too tight and used hair glue on her hair. The tension of the of the threads on her head pulled out a significant amount of hair and the rest was lost when her cousin decided to comb the glue out of her head. Feeling something was wrong with her hair she finally visited a professional stylist, resulting in her having to take a break from all chemicals. She got a quick weave on a proper cap, took some biotin , went to the salon regularly for treatments and suddenly she had a head full of healthy hair. She told her girl friend(s) she was natural and thus the process began… she never told the fact that she abused hair glue, and braided her hair too tightly. Ok so I made that story up but you can bet my bottom dollar that that is exactly what happened. That and that one time in college when you didn’t have any money to get your hair done (LOL).

Before you join the bandwagon and walk through the mall with your tiny afro, which makes you look kinda older, think am I doing this just because its popular or is it really benefiting my reality. Take care of your entire self, not just your hair. Your hair is a result of what you are putting into your mind and body. What are you feeding yourself ?

Love and Chocolates