36 Things that l Love…

I have spent several months in a place of …mediocrity. It was a place that I have not been familiar with, I started to feel regular almost normal.  So everyday I begin to think of all the things that I really love …you know the things that make you and individual. So here is my list of 36 things I love.

1. I love it when people add extra letters to words… an extra s or r here or there makes me happy.

2. I love it when I fall asleep on a good movie and wake back up after it goes off and restart it and go right back to sleep.

3. I love when I can look at current events…and laugh.

4. I love it when all three of my babies fall asleep at the same time.

5. I love it when those three babies sleep till 10 AM.

6. I love that Peyton and Pier aren’t babies.

7. I love to sing loud at random moments

8. I sometimes would rather watch the commercials than cable

9. I love the first ten minutes of all lifetime movies…after the commercial break I can’t deal .

10. I love to be in church twice a week.

11. I love that moment after a good worship time in your house.

12. I love it when I find a piece a chocolate that I didn’t know I had

13. I love dark jeans

14. Lip gloss makes me happy

15. a good shower during the summer is blissful

16. I love fall colors

17. I actually love dollar tree sun glasses, bc it doesn’t matter if you lose them

18. The clearance racks makes my heart skip a beat.

19. I love a good sale

20. My best friends texts… And my mom’s texts

21.  That moment between being sleep and being awake

22. a good work out

23. People with thick backs… they give good hugs


25. Gourmet Pizza’s that include tomatoes

26. Big ear rings

27. Fresh fragrances

28. A clean House

29 . My Mom’s sweet potato pies

30 . Driving fast only in a truck

31. A good BOOK

32. Learning something that I didn’t know yesterday.

33. A crisp white shirt

34. Grey tee shirts

35. The Sweet family God blessed me to be born into

36. And the 5 P’s I help create