My life at 30 something…

You know when I was a young idiot I thought that once I reached a certain age my life would be exactly the way I planned it out to be. And by the time I was the age I am currently I would be on easy street. Not complaining but I probably should have planned more and lived in the moment less. If I could write a letter to my once 20 year old self it would sound something like this.

Dear 20 year old Tesha,

You have many qualities inside of yourself that you cannot see. Honestly you cannot see past that hideous white eye shadow along with the unfortunate lip color your chose to wear with that hideous shadow. But you are much more than your hair, your smile and those big legs that are rocking those short ,shorts. There is more to life than a nice car that your parents purchased for you and a great pair of jeans. Well I take that back , nothing is better than a great pair of jeans. Let your personality show, you cannot be timid forever and use that personality for great things like, meeting people who could perhaps move you along in life. Its okay to be different and its alright if you do not have a boyfriend and it can be ok if you don’t have friends. You will meet a lot of great guys , you will date , you will not connect. Don’t worry your husband will come in your 30’s. Marriage won’t satisfy you , you will find fulfillment in your calling. You will have kids, even though you thought wouldn’t want any, you will have more than even your mother could understand. People will never stop talking about you , you will never please everyone. Your weight will fluctuate , you will start to resemble your mother and one morning you will wake up saying all the things that you heard your mother say that you thought were so dumb. Enjoy every moment you have alone because one day you will always share a bathroom with someone else. Your kids will never sleep and they will graze all day…so get a job and keep it. Its ok to work and go to school. Your parents will never leave you so its ok to move away. ¬†And guess what …one day the night time talk shows will end and be replaced with facebook. Oh yea and it won’t take long to get on the internet either.