Forgive me for being…me

Unfortunately in a house filled with toddlers, I have not been able to keep up with my daily make up routine, my nails are clipped but the polish is chipped. I’ve been meaning to go running but with late evenings, football games, youth events and did I tell you that I am moving? I have not had the time that is required to just take care of me ( moms blog coming soon ). I feel so separated from the world when it comes to news , politics… and what was the hottest movie this year? Although I am behind a lot of things in my life, I am up on the fact that with all the evolves and changes one thing that stays the same is the fact that RACISM Exists!!!

The thing about racism is that the persons with the most power and influence could not spot racism if it was in their face. Its just a way of life, the way they grew up, the way things are supposed to be . Right? The thing is , racism doesn’t have to do with the color of your skin…it has all to do with economics. The person who isin the most powerful wealthiest position is the person that runs everything. Just think about how much power our President really has? Is he as powerful as the previous ones or is he constantly fighting a battle to prove himself. The last thing I read about President Obama is that somebody was actually trying to sue him! Him! Not the congress that is voting,vetoing , electing , casting down , holding back, but him the black male who happens to be in the most powerful position in our country , yet he’s fighting more of a battle about his nationality then political wars that he’s supposed to be fighting. Is this happenstance?

Racism, is a thing that we are faced with daily. I am constantly fighting a war against something that is as simple as my skin color. My skin color not only defines me as a person its a target for every thought and it makes complete decisions on who can and cannot be my friend based just on my skin pigmentation.

See the thing about my skin pigmentation to me …it doesn’t make me who I am , I make my skin color what it is. I am not an unwed mother, a gansta , a rappers girlfriend, I do not sag my pants, wear colorful weave, my money doesn’t come from a welfare check , I do not get bet, I am not on the system I have not been to jail, I won’t steal , I need a job too and guess what I am just as afraid you as you are of me.I smell different from you , bc I may wear a different fragrance, sometimes we are equally inquisitive of your smell too bc how can water make you smell like a dog, or is that your hair? I wash my hair once a week bc the oils don’t come in my hair as frequently, my color does not wash out, yes I tan, and no I do not know your friend Trenida just bc she is black , do you know my friend Elizabeth… thought you knew her bc I thought all white people knew each other. Nope you cannot touch my hair, and I don’t want to teach you how to corn roll hair, why? Yes I look at you crazy for adopting black kids bc you can’t do anything with their hair. Yes my lips and my butt is real, we had it before KIM and JLO!!! Oh yes and those butts come with thighs. My son does know how to read…I do too! I am a college graduate and guess what I can read and write and my gpa was probably higher than yours, why wasn’t I valedictorian, well because my school went by numbers and not by true academics. Yes we gather up and have parties, not all of parties consists of 40 ounces of beer and ribs. I like chicken but I see you buy more watermelon than I do! Remember my skin color doesn’t define me , I define my skin color.

Does this mean I am racists…no I am a realist . Change has to come .