This and That

I have not been in a position where I have had a solid mindset. I’ve been thinking of this and that and that and this. I often wonder if my thoughts are just like everybody else or do I live in an alternate realm of the world where my thoughts are just my thoughts alone and has nothing to much to do with the reality of everybody else.

I know you guys cannot wait to hear my thoughts so here goes…

So I actually paid enough tuition for a small car and yet I am wondering why my sons don’t have   all A’s in all classes or an associates degree in something , why aren’t they on their  way to a university…drafted by a college for basketball or football…yet one is going to the 9th grade and my baby boy is just going to 5th. I digress…

I’ve wondered if everybody shares the same ideas of church as I do ? Is it as important to them anymore or is it just a social event?

I wonder why people take FB so serious?

Why are we still talking about Donald Sterling?

What qualifies you to be an african American , I mean I  don’t think I know anyone from my family being from Africa, so tell me again where the brown slot is?

What did Jay Z say to Solange and why am I so intrigued with people I don’t know?

Am I the only person that thinks that my opinion and the opinion of my dearest friends are the only one’s that counts?

Is it really normal that I talk to the news casters why they are telling the news as if they hear me?

I watch the same show at least 3 times in one night , and when my husband points it out , I will always say that I didn’t get to hear it . And I didn’t because my kids cry so loudly.

I wonder can the lady that has 19 kids hold her pee?

Are my kids the only kids that cry all at the same time?

When I see people walking around with leather coats in the summer I wonder do they really believe that, the sweat dripping off their head is really rain?

I wonder can I start charging people for asking me if my daughters are twins?

Did the FBI create instagram?

Why do people take daily pictures of their food on paper plates? Which leads me to my next thing…

Do people have dishes anymore?

If I see a news camera or a reality show camera in a restaurant or the mall…I am going wave.

If Pier says one more thing about football I’m going to foot his …well I just may scream!

Why do they expect me to believe these reality shows are real…I’ve had about one friend for at least 10 years and we may have fussed once?

Those posts about being in love with your mate…are cover ups? Tell the truth, you left your clothes in the floor and you just don’t want her to say nothing.

Men hear absolutely nothing because they don’t want to , they heard things when you were dating.

What’s a vacation without a vacation from the vacation?

When I dream about my facebook friends does that mean I’m on there too much?

Why do you only want the foods that’s not in your kitchen?

Ok I have more but enough is enough…talk to you guys later