My Week With no Meat!!!

So I decided to do a lifestyle change. It was my goal to introduce something new in my life all the while keeping a healthy disposition and maybe lose a few lbs while I was at it. 

Yup I was was a vegetarian for what seemed like a lifetime but in reality was just one week.  I started my week eating a well rounded breakfast that consisted of proteins , oats , fruits and water. But who was I fooling all that extra stuff costs too much money to be eating just for myself and then to include my husband who thought it was a good idea to jump on the band wagon. 

So after a few days we began to discuss plan B. And that was what foods that we were going to continue in our diet and what we were not going  to continue to have in our diet. So here’s our break down, all greens , and raw veggies will be a daily portion of our diet. Since I’m not trying to lose any little bit of my hair I am agreeing to continue to eat fish , turkey and occasionally chicken. Who are we fooling here, I will probably consume more chicken than anything.


Here is my new diet



special K strawberries, yogurt

boiled egg coffee


tuna , salad

turkey on glutten free whole grain bread




raw veggies


Day two all Veggies!!!

 Yesterday I started the day with high hopes. I was so happy and had many well wishers and I was so motivated to do this . I called my husband and told him about my experiment and he agreed to join me but two pieces of chicken later he kinda dropped out. One of my dearest friends decided to join me as well but a tiny piece of chicken later and boom she had to start over today . So I guess she will have an extra day.

After lunch  yesterday I opened the fridge for my snack and a piece of turkey stared at me in my face ,I know that turkey said eat me!!! Now I don’t ordinarily have sandwiches during the day so for me to want a piece of turkey mid day was to me a psychological test. I resisted and retreated to another room. Thankfully it was nap time . I ate a sensible dinner and had my water and desert and went to bed.

Day two this was my breakfast


two boiled eggs

banana water and black coffee



Somehow I forgot lunch , my day went too fast



Veggie spud no butter, no sour cream (boiled spud)

and all uncooked veggies!!!!

I’m a Vegetarian!!!

After 18 months of pregnancy and trying to get back in my pre pregnancy size 4  , it has proven to be a journey to say the least. Its not that I cannot get into my normal size, I’m there ( thank God for good genes and breast feeding) but its not the same size 4 that I am used to. My appetite has changed, I don’t want to eat that many times a day, I don’t have time to eat that many times a day  .  The diet I was on before I got pregnant makes me sick and I equate most of those meals to pregnancy (hormones)  and even though my tummy is flat , I cannot consume my usual double cheese burger without a little pouch in my tee shirts . So with much thought I decided to give this vegetarian thing  a shot for one week and see how I like it. 

I’ve written a few weight loss manuals and followed those to a tee when trying to maintain my  weight but I failed to think about vegans and vegetarians.  I’m not into the juicing craze because I have to buy formula and pampers and if you have not noticed fruit and lettuce is just as expensive as meat and try doing that everyday, really?

I decided that since I like milk and eggs from a real cow and real chickens I would have to stick with being a vegetarian and besides that where would I purchase all the nice foods in Tupelo . So as I write this book for my vegetarian people I thought I would fill you guys in on my diet for Free!!!

Here is my day one diet

Breakfast :

Eggs ( no butter , no cheese, no salt) Eggs don’t count as meat bc it lacks flesh 

Ice Cold water

Black coffee( half a pack of splenda)

Whole grain toast w a teaspoon of Peanut Butter ( you can have almond butter or any other kind of nut butter)


Juice ( fresh veggies and fruit)

Ice cold Water


Ice Cold Water ( lemon, parsley)

Spinach Salad, almonds, strawberries , carrots and black beans ( dressing, really) Balsomic  Vinegar


Greek Yogurt/ Water


Lentil Casserole/Veggie Burger feel free to add beans or tufu to your casserole- There are some amazing recipes online if you need ideas I don’t cook so my choices will be simple and will lack much consideration. 

One way to eat a burger and make sure it digests is to eat the burger part first and the bread last . Remember to use whole grain buns that are gluten free ( you cannot find this stuff at walmart you may have to go to kroger or whole foods) 

Black Beans/pinto beans

Sweet Potato Fries or a small Sweet potato




Apple/ pear 

Sunflower seeds ( unsalted)

or a piece of dark chocolate



Don’t forget to get all your servings of water and you can substitute black coffee for green tea or black tea. And make sure that most of the products you eat with is glutten free you don’t wanna be skinny with a fat stomach !

Feel free to try it with me!!! Let’s go!

I Missed It!

My day usually starts around 4 AM with a loud cry from my one year old asking for a drink . I stumble out of bed and head into the kitchen to give her , her much desired drink. While I am up I fix bottles for the day, I go into the bathroom wash my face and brush my teeth and I return to bed only to get back up 2 hours later. At 6;30 AM its breakfast time. I encourage the babies to eat fast and quiet  and then  we sing a few quiet songs , you know the ones that mention shhhh and go to sleep in them . Then we watch one television show preferably on one of those channels that don’t show color. We snuggle up together for a one hr nap and guess what it starts all the way back over again. I stumble back into the kitchen for a drink this time juice. I wash and fix more bottles for the baby ,  we eat egg whites for lunch and toast.  I hold up flash cards with letters and numbers as I make up the bed. I realized just the other day I don’t care what letter they say when I hold up the card I am just glad that they are seated and quiet. I am quit amazed when they do know the correct letter considering there is not a lot of teaching going on here. I go back into the bathroom this time bringing the baby girls with me, we wash our faces and brush our teeth . I comb  hair, and put their clothes on , I hurry to shake my hair down and apply eyeliner and mascara before the baby wakes up. And then we watch Nickjr for one hour. We make a trip to the mailbox that should take about 2 seconds but in our world it takes 10 minutes because I take the time to answer all the questions about the ground and what dirt is and the pine needles around the trees . Pk asks the same questions everyday , why is the ground hot or why is it cold and can I eat this or do you like the flowers. We walk around the house for few more minutes , they pretend to play football like their big brother Pier, Carrington runs away without fail and we can never find her. Its always funny to her when she runs from behind a bush and says HEY. I am overwhelmed with joy when I see that one yawn because I know that nap time is near. Into their playroom they go , simulating things they have seen me do during the day. I wash a load of clothes and vacuum the house while they play one more snack before their 2:30 nap this time its fruit.  There is my second yawn,  its on , its nap time. I cannot wait til they are out. After nap time Daddy the Super Star is home from work and its his time to love on the kids. I am alarmed that all the manners and quiet behavior that they gathered from me during the day is thrown out the window when Daddy comes home. Its officially play time all over again, screams are loud things are torn up, drinks are spilled, I just finished cleaning and I have to do it all over again.  I get 25 minutes of me time and then this  thing starts all over again. No breaks , no vacations , no all night sleep. What has my life turned into? Who am I again? Mommy? Waitress? MAID? Wife? 

Through out all of this I realized I have missed an entire year. Where has 2013 gone ? Did I sleep through it ? Was I in a coma? What happened to my dreams of grander? Do I look the same? Have I aged? Is that an extra grey hair? Is this screen blurry? Peyton is in what grade? He’s how tall? Pier is doing what?  I signed him up for that ? I volunteered for what? I can’t remember anything.  Taking a deep breath… I realize I need to slow down and smell the roses. 

My mother told me not to be so concentrated on the babies growing up that you forget to live. What wise words she gave me .  I am so concentrated on naps and getting passed 3 PM that I have forgot to live.  I have 137 days of this year to live , watch me make it the best 137 days of 2013. What’s your plans for the next 137 days?  Watch what I do!!!!