Things I Never Thought About Till Marriage…Sharing

After the day of your wedding and after that fun filled honeymoon you get back to reality sort of…but its coming trust me.

After the honeymoon you are sort of out of things. There is no soap , no toothpaste , no mouthwash left. And as being the wife you are left with the responsibility of buying for the house. You try to ask for preferences. I made a list, and took mental notes of things I thought he liked around the house.

I went to the store and I bought things that he wanted and I bought things that I wanted. I used a sensitive toothpaste , he used the regular kind. I used a green mouthwash , his was clear. I liked Coke , he liked Dr. Pepper. I liked Sergento cheese, he liked fresh deli cheese. I liked white towels , his towels were brown. I preferred wheat bread, he preferred white bread. So for the first year our rather expensive for just two people .

One day I noticed that after all of his food was eaten up, he began to start on my food, and after the food he then went to toothpaste, mouthwash , soap and so on. So again after having a mighty bill already in grocery and personal products it got even bigger because we ended up going back to the stores during the week to “replace”.

One day I looked over at him and said, we need to learn to , “Share.” Sharing is something that you do not think about really, because you think it comes with the territory. But it doesn’t ! You get two people that are independently used to having their own things , compromise is usually a last resort and not an option.

Sharing goes above and beyond food and personal products. In marriage there is the sharing of time, money, respect. I mean you have to learn how to share everything and in the process you have to be respectful to each others needs.

Do you like to share?

Things I never thought about till marriage…

As a young girl you have dreams of marriage , walking down the aisle arm in arm with your father, a fabulous white dress and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The church was to be filled with adoring wedding guests, and the wedding party filled with friends from the past to the present. You are excited about changing your name or adding a hyphen behind your current last name. You practice saying it and you may even include your new initials as apart of the center pieces in your receptions. You come home to a beautiful new home and the new drop top Jaguar your husband gave you as an anniversary gift, your home is fully decorated and ready to host this years Thanksgiving dinner. You and your husband are inseparable, and you cannot wait til the moment he gets off work because you have waited patiently all day just to see his smiling face. And his face is absolutely handsome and he smells great every evening he comes home from work, even though he works as a salesman in the hot sun all day. He’s always clean shaved, his hair has a natural line, his underwear never gets dirty, he never leaves the toilet seat up , he remembers to fill your car up every week, God forbid you ever have to be in a place where the car is on empty and its too cold to get out and pump your own gas. He remembers that your favorite drink and if so happen dinner is not cooked , he knows exactly what kind of salad that you desire from Jason’s Deli on the way in from work.

Yup, that was the life that all “little girls” thought they were going to encounter once marriage was an option. But it never happens like that, instead you marry the same man you dated for a few years but never lived with, on a beach in front of an ocean with no guests and no wedding party and a lady that you hope is a license minister . He’s not perfect but he’s nice. He leaves the toilet seat up, you wonder when did he buy all of this underwear and why did  he wear so many in one week?! You didn’t get a new car for a wedding gift instead you kept your own eventually thought maybe it will be a good idea to pay it off before I buy a new Range Rover. You muck up and get pregnant on your wedding night, the house is not finished after the wedding , you have to wait 3 months to move in , you spend the next few week ends in furniture stores, testing out beds, couches, and deciding on the best dinning tables. You forget to cook because, he suddenly doesn’t like the same kind of food that he said he liked when you married him… and he cannot ever remember if you eat a Ceasar Salad or Garden Salad and forget week end dates, he’s playing video games with the guys from the job on the brand new television you guys over spent together. You decide the queen size bed that you had will be fine til after the house is done and you spend the next 3 months thinking we should have splurged on the bed . And lastly you decide to keep your last name, because marriage is such an emotional roller coaster you need to know you are still the same person. 

To Be Continued…