I’m living in the overflow!!!

Sometimes you have to speak life into your life, you have to encourage yourself daily. Things may not be the greatest, and sometimes things are great but there is a such thing as living your life in the overflow. In the overflow, you are are overflowed with more love, more wealth, more health, more happiness. Can you imagine life living in a place where all things that you desire are overflowed?! I can!!! Let’s speak life, today I’m speaking overflowed blessings. 

I’m Blessed!

Recently I was at my parents home and I was watching one of the shows that we had recently filmed for television. After the show had gone off , we felt uplifted. Even though it was my Mother who was giving the word on television and I had already viewed the video it seemed like it was a fresh wind that entered into the room. After the show had gone off my mother asked me had I heard a song called I’m Blessed. I shook my head no but since the song was by a secular artist, I decided to looked it up on youtube. The song began with a dynamic beat and immediately I began tapping my feet. But as the lady ( Jill Scott) started to sing the lyrics , I begin to realize how God can bless you with the simple things but because we are so overwhelmed by what we don’t have we forget to simply say thanks for the simple things.

When I first got married my husband and I chose to live in Birmingham , AL. For about a 3 month period we lived in a small two bedroom apartment in Inverness, a suburb of Birmingham. We had found a home in the Pleasant Grove community and was set to close on the home in April 2011. Papers were signed or so we thought, you see I had forgot to sign one of the papers. I had gone home to be with my family when the bank called and said the papers were incomplete. I told the bank officer that I would return to Birmingham the next day to sign the papers. That night a tornado came threw Pleasant Grove and destroyed the area that we were about to move into ,we missed the storm, the papers were not signed the deal was null and void and the house, well there isn’t a house there anymore. I’m blessed!

Not too many months after that I gave birth to my first baby girl, ironically because of the storm PK was born in Tupelo instead of Birmingham. The doctors and nurses raced around to have my information faxed for UAB to NMMC, a few minutes after getting to the hospital I was given oxygen because with every contraction her heart rate decreased. It was at last time to push. My husband who was still employed in Birmingham was on his way to the delivery. My mother came to the hospital with me, I pushed and with every push my babies heart rate got lower and lower. The doctor said she has to come out now , I could hear my mother praying in my ear. When the baby came came out she was completely gray and limp, the cord was wrapped around her neck 3 times . She was not breathing . My mother began to pray, they called in the neonatal team  , I looked over to the side as they worked with my baby for what seemed like hours. I could hear my mother speaking in tongues to the left of me and suddenly there was a faint cry. Color began to come back into her body, she was breathing normally and she was healthy! I’m blessed!

We moved to Tupelo 6 months after Pk’s birth. Found a home that was ok, because Anthony is a carpenter by trade we decided that after we purchased the home we would make it our own and flip the home and sale it really fast. Two months after we moved into the home we learned that we were expecting once again and flipping the home was just out of the question. So we prayed to get out of the home, we wanted there to be something in the contract that would let us out so we could move to where we wanted to move. One week to the day we prayed that prayer, we got a phone call, the previous owner wanted her home back. We moved 12 days later! I’m blessed!

I look at my 13 year old and my 9 year old, they both have never been seriously ill , they have remained on honor roll . And not one day have I struggled to meet the needs and the desires that they have had . Even though life has felt like its dealt me an unfair hand and I am not at the place that I really want to be in life ,  I can stand back and look at all of my accomplishments, and all of my disappointments and I can still say, I’m blessed!