Wishing I knew the End at the Beginning…

I have grown up in church and it has been said in constant repeat that God knows the ending at the beginning. So with that said, this makes me realize that although God created Adam and Eve out of perfection, he knew from the beginning that Eve was going to cause the fall of man in the same manner he knew that after the flood , Noah’s son Ham was going to tell his brothers about him being drunk and naked. God knew that after 33 years of life Jesus was to be hung on the cross for the remission of our sins and God knew that Peter would cuss.  God knew who we were going to be while we were being formed in our mother’s womb.  Although we have choices that we have to make, no matter what  God knew what choice we were going to make . Gosh that’s awesome to me!!!

Now  have you ever wanted to know the end of a thing at the very beginning? I mean you meet the perfect person , and it seems like they could possibly be the one for you , but you never know all the processes, or the bad times that you will have to encounter to either make it to the end successfully ( and when I say the end I mean marriage) or to end the relationship tragically ? Or you carry a baby for 9 months or nearly 10 months and you have great expectations for your baby and the baby comes out crying and never stops for nine or ten months. You say to yourself , if I had known this , this baby could have stayed in Heaven (LOL). Or you buy your dream car, in the color that you want . Then you realize that it takes more gas to fill up the car and where you had money to take trips here and there, you are now more worried about the amount of gas its going to take you to get to the mall instead of how well the car drives?

Now a days there is an influx of individuals seeking psychic advice, running to mediums and using prophets as a go to guide in order to know how to conduct your life. The funny thing about this , is they may in fact see your future but they can never predict the journey you will take to get there. Hmmm, I’m at a loss for words right there.

All in all let’s seek counsel before making major decisions, and choose wisely!!