The Power in Networking

Previously on my post I just talked about random things that were happening in my life. I often do that when I have absolutely nothing to talk about or if I have not talked to one of my good friends , Elisha. Anyway , this particular subject has played over and over in our conversations for the last few years.  So as I always say when starting my Dads show, here we go!!!!

 Over the past year or so my life has been upside down, I got married and pregnant at the same time.  And my plan to get a great job and buy this super delicious house and live , work and shop was delayed because now I was pregnant, sick and down!!! A few months after our marriage I made the decision to finally move away with my husband to his hometown of Birmingham, AL. It was an exciting time for me, not only was I in a new city that was just a bit larger than the city that I had grown up in but it was the first time that my husband and I had ever lived or even spent a night together.  Well aside from the wedding night and what not. Anyway as we made our home in Birmingham, AL , renting  a Condo right down the street from the Summit ( Best shopping EVER) we tried to make that city our home.  First things first was to try to find a church that we both could attend. After a few weeks of visiting churches, we met someone who was able to invite us to his church.  We were happy to have made the connection but unhappy that church was more than 30 minutes from our home.  The next thing was finding a home and purchasing it. We found a newly built home in the Pleasant Grove community.   The home was brand new and idea for a newly married couple. After getting the home financed and just as we were about to sign the last paper on the house, I hesitated. For no reason whatsoever , I hesitated and the deal did not go through. Little did we know what would happen during the next month.  We decided to make  Edenton our home moving from a two bedroom to a three bedroom . We purchased new furniture, bought all things for the baby. We were having a girl.

In the month of April I came home for a week-end and ending up staying home because of the storms. The neighborhood that we were purchasing the first house in was devastated during the tornadoes in April .  And because of the storms , I prematurely went into labor and ended up having our little girl in my hometown instead of the place that we called our new home.

It seemed that in the months that we had spent in Birmingham, without family and without a foundation of friends were struggled in areas of movement.  We  lacked the mobility that we needed to be stable and steadfast. Did that mean that we were out of the will of God? Were we not in the city where our promises were?

To be continued…

A new day

Previously on the last episode of Tesha goes without facebook and text messaging, I was able to tell you how much I learned during a course of a week. I was reading books , looking up extra vocabulary words , talking more and then I entered back into Peyton Place better known as Facebook and entered back into the world or religion and politics! But its fun!!! Until next time you guys …. TESHA

Seven Days Without Facebook

When I last spoke to you I was on day three of my week without facebook. My day had started off rather uneventful and I was able to post early in day and I thought I was getting used to my life without the interuption of facebook . Me and another stay at home mom talked about groceries, and putting our children in play groups, we talked about forming a book club and learning how to play bridge. About 2 o’clock that afternoon as I sat to put my baby to sleep I felt uneasy. I called my mother to see if she and the boys were ok but no one answered the phone. Moments later , Peyton called and told me that they just got home late  for no particular reason . But for some reason my thoughts were still in a stage of confusion. I decided to take a nap and after the nap I would go from there. Feeling uncomfortable I could not rest what was going on? I went on to do my usual things , wash bottles, fix bottles, walk on the treadmill, prepare for clothes to washed and folded and suddenly I realized it was 7 PM and something wasn’t right.  My life as I knew it for one moment had changed in a matter of minutes. And for the first time since I signed up for facebook I actually had to use facebook as a tool for direction . From 8 PM til 8 AM facebook became nothing more to me than a tool. I would have never thought I would have used it for anything else but entertainment. The funny thing about this moment is that status updates weren’t so important to me , what was most important is what I needed to know at that moment and how I can make happen what I desired to happen.

After my Wednesday night adventure, I was able continue my journey without the interruption of facebook. I felt all was well.  I prepared to come to Tupelo for the week-end and get my hair done at my mothers beauty shop. Getting to the shop late that day , she had a house full of clients . She washed and conditioned my hair and we talked about sales at the malls and shoes, just our usual things little did we know what was actually happening next door. After about a 15 minute of a shampoo and a conditioner, we saw the commotion. Someone had just robbed the bank next door to us and he with his guns and the money was headed in our direction. School had let out early that day so my two sons , my nephew and my baby were all at the shop. I knew that my baby was with my sister-in-law and I figured the boys were in the back eating lunch. I didn’t know that my seven-year old was in my truck at the moment that the suspect was apprehended.  In fear my sister in laws mother was able to get him out the car and bring him into the shop. We watched as the police handcuffed the man who was now within feet of the beauty shop . In all the chaos all I could think about was that there were two bags of money in the parking lot of the beauty shop and I saw the guns and wondered if they were loaded and then I thought about the young man who was so desperate for money that he decided to be selfish in thought that he put the lives of all of us in jeopardy. What if when the gun hit the ground and went off and the bullet went into the body of my seven-year old. What about the individuals in the bank ? Did he not think about the stress that he put on the lives of those individuals for money that he could not even get a chance to spend? Is life that hard that he couldn’t put in a double at KFC or McDonald’s ? How many guys have to walk down the same road until someone realizes that , that is not how you can be successful in life? How many more individuals have to make the road hard for others with needless attempts for money? Someone has to stand up to be successful , black and have integrity.

I walked away from my seven days surprisingly impressed for all the things that I learned and as I end my fast on 9/11 I can’t help but to think about how selfishly individuals took the lives of hundreds for no other reason but hate.  Take the time and think about others, pray for your neighbors, help out those who are needy and never take life for granted.

Day 3

Ok so I’ve gone three days and my craving for facebook has decreased to the point that I am questioning my return. I never knew life was so full of things to do!!! LOL  The truth is that being a stay at home MOM could have possibly been the death of us! Its kinda like living in a modern-day Peyton Place( totally the reason behind my oldest sons name )  . Well on to my daily events!!!

Day 2 ” 7 days without fb and texting”

Well this is day two of my journey without facebook and texting, as a result I got 5  new friend request via my email ( they remain unopened) , some music uploads and a few inboxes from a few friends. I had a million things that I wanted to text  to people today and a few status updates that occurred while I was out about town today. Yet I persisted on, I wrote a list of things that I needed and have needed for a while. Returned a few emails that needed to be returned. Checked my voicemail, ordered some clothes for my store ( now I have girl items) and shoes for the store too . Things that would have taken all week to do had I been on facebook. I talked to one of my friends today and had a decent conversation that did not consist of what  someone said on facebook and last my dreams did not include one of my friends on facebook ( I guess I was truly addicted). All in all this has been a good day. One thing that I need to conquer while I’m being so ambitious, I need to convince my husband that it ok to talk about other things than facebook!!! Really!

It’s amazing that some things have gone unnoticed because my head was usually down because of the use of the phone. I met a few people in the store today and we made eye contact. What a lost art! Anyway on to the next! Keep your fingers crossed I may just make this journey.

7 days without Facebook

 Sunday afternoon after checking my phone numerous amounts of times in church  for text messages and facebook updates , I realized that I have some how become addicted to social networking.  You see  six years ago I would have never imagined that I would be a part of a world that would consist of updates, likes, news feeds, status updates and friends list. We have become people of habit without even realizing that social engines and smart phones have crippled our communication habits. Its become so bad that you tend to want to talk in the ways that you update your status or send a text message. And nothing is private anymore with the new icon for checkins I see places where people should be shame to be in ! I cannot send a note to school with my son that says ,” I need ,’ur’ approval to send ‘cupcks’ to school. ” I mean really this is the reality of us and the bad part about it that we are raising a generation just like us and pretty soon our language as we know it would be obsolete.

So its been twenty-four hours since my decision to stop using facebook for a week. And to be honest my mind is on the facebook sign on blackberry. I am tempted to push it to see if my friend Wendy is upset with TPSD for letting out for Labor Day. I’m wondering if Mattie has cooked a full  meal for her boys. Has anyone put up any photos from Labor Day cook outs. What inspirational quote has my husband put on his page, I’m wondering if Monique has fixed anymore cupcakes and who she is sending shout outs. Has Dee decided to join me in my fight against facebook for a week? All these thoughts are going through my head and right now my text message count is at 53. With all my free time today I watched an entire show without interruption . I walked one hour on the treadmill, feed my baby a bottle and read Pier a book! I was bored , indeed but I gotta keep it moving.

 What is a girl to do???

Stay updated and I’ll let you know my progress .